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Wade Meyers Aviation Art
What's New?


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News and Happenings

(12/20/2001). I've finally finished adding all the photos I wanted to in the "In Progress" section. Now maybe I can get back to painting . . . Ya'll have a great Christmas and New Years!

(12/7/2001) Bryan Makos, one of the editors of GHOST WINGS magazine, called last week. They want to use my Chico the Gunfighter F-4E in a story they're doing on Vietnam 'Fast FACs'. Well, Chico wasn't a real Fast FAC, she just played one on the radio frequencies and in the paperwork over at HQ 7AF. Ah, see my -Chico's Story- page, and see if you can figure it out . . .

(12/7/2001) I found out a few days ago that my article, "Artistic Odyssey: Sometimes the Subject Picks You", which focuses on my painting, "One-Man Air Force", will appear in an upcoming issue of AVIATION HISTORY magazine. Click the -Artistic Odyssey- button for the full text.

(12/7/2001) COMING SOON - NEW PRINT RELEASE! My latest painting, entitled "One-Man Air Force", which features 4th Fighter Group ace Don Gentile and his P-51B "Shangri-La", is at the printers as we speak. My press date is Jan 23, 2002. Click the -One-Man Air Force- button for details.

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