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Hacker's Page

Capt. Randy "Hacker" Haskin is a AT-38C Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals Instructor Pilot now, but in a previous life he was an F-15E Strike Eagle pilot with the 336th Fighter Squadron of the 4th Fighter Wing, based at Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina. He transferred to the "38" after an Operation Iraqi Freedom combat tour. Maintaining his interest in the 4th, Hacker keeps me on my toes with questions about the 4th's proud past, and when he gets the chance sends me beautiful photos of his "happenings". All photos on this page are by, of, or for Hacker and his buddies - enjoy!

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Hacker (left), and his WSO 'Cooter' prepare for a Southern Watch combat mission.  They're flying a 335th jet for this 'show'.  (USAF)


Two 4th FW jets "somewhere over Egypt" while deploying to the Middle East recently.  Hacker pilots the far 335th jet on the left wing of a 336th bird.  Photo taken from a KC-10 Extender tanker.  (USAF)


In a shot taken early in the morning of April 6, 2003 (Base X time), the nose art for F-15E Shangri-La II takes shape under Hacker's skilled hand.  The main difference in this art and the Don Gentile World War II version is that in this case the Boxing Eagle will be holding Saddam Hussein in one hand, while the other pummels him - appropriate, don't you think?  Note the bomb mission symbols, and the variety of different types of bombs.  Note also the "presentation flag" carried in the cockpit.  (Haskin)


Artist/Pilot Hacker poses next to the final art for Shangri-La II.  A small tribute to Capt. Don S. Gentile is at the bottom of the art.  At the moment this photo was taken, Hacker was in the process of redoing the red checks (they had faded as can be seen), thus the dull vs. bright reds in the checkerboard.  The entire artwork was done with "paint pens", which explains the poor stability of the pigment.  (Haskin)


All good things must come to an end, if only temporarily.  Hacker has PCS'd to Georgia as a AT-38C Instructor Pilot.  Of this 2003 photo he says, "This is of my last F-15 flight . . . on 6 June.  Isn't it funny how frequently I flew Chiefs jets??  Even on my last flight as a Rocket . . . sheesh."  (USAF)


The tall, wet gent is Hacker, post wet-down.  It's traditional to get soaked by your fellow aviators after "fini" flights just before transfer to another unit, or after completion of your last scheduled combat mission.  The latter was a major event in Vietnam, with some units having brightly painted escort trucks or motorcycles to escort the aircraft to parking - then the hose down!!  (Haskin)

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