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Latest News!
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12/5/2003 . . . . Finally finished Eagles of Thunder - see the finished work, as well as detailed "in progress" views, on the EOT pages.  What's next?  A pencil drawing and a small P-47 oil - then it's back to larger works, starting with an F-15E commission.
10/30/2003 . . . . Just put the finishing touches on High-Angle Gun Shot to Separation, which highlights one exercise of Offensive BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers). 
8/29/2003 . . . . Finally, FINALLY . . . I resigned my full-time position, and can now devote much more time to my art.  Lots of exciting projects on the burners, so check back often to see "what's up".  I would also like to announce that effective immediately I am offering FREE SHIPPING within the United States with all print sales - any size order!
5/2/2003 . . . . Yea!  The Pencil Study for Eagles of Thunder is finished.  I'm extremely comfortable with pencil, so this study didn't take long at all.  Check it out on the Eagles of Thunder, Part II page - click the link on the Navigation Bar above.
3/31/2003 . . . . I'm finally about to wrap up the tedious outline work on the four P-47s of Eagles of Thunder.  Several times I've laid out the four outlines "in formation" on my drafting table, and I could swear the table started shaking!  Maybe it's just those pesky airplane noises in my head again.  First thing I'll do is a roughly half-size pencil drawing of the entire scene.  Once satisfied with this tonal study, I'll do a color study, which is basically a not-as-detailed miniature painting of the 'real thing' to help me nail down the colors.
1/5/2003 . . . . My article centering on my One-Man Air Force painting will appear in the May 2003 issue of Aviation History magazine.
12/09/2002 . . . . I now have a "Thumbnail Index" page, which gives a quicker picture of the site's contents. 
11/20/2002 . . . . Finished Ferocious Frankie last night.  Picture and details on the page of the same name.  Now, it's on to Eagles of Thunder!
10/25/2002 . . . . Just finished redoing about 25 of the poorest quality pictures in the Debden 2002 virtual tour - I finally bought a scanner!  The quality is much improved as you will see.  I felt bad because all my Debden pictures were developed in England and are absolutely crystal clear - definitely the best "One Hour" I've ever seen, but you, the viewer, were getting mediocre quality at best for many of the shots.  Believe it or not, every photo on this site (pre-scanner) was taken by propping the actual photo up and shooting it with the digicam . . . some came out pretty good, while others . . . well, let's just say the difference is "light years" with the new scanner.  My scanner also has slide-scanning capability, so I added some of my slides images to the SCRAPBOOK pages.  On the painting front, I'm almost finished with the little 361st Ftr. Group P-51D Mustang oil as seen on the IN PROGRESS PART II page. 
8/13/2002 . . . . Just back from the American Society of Aviation Artists' Annual Forum in Savannah, Ga.  Took my second workshop with Keith Ferris and learned a lot.  I hope to apply lessons learned to future works.  Also, recently finished a small pencil drawing of a P-51D Mustang (see the "Collectible Original Art" page) based on a photo I took at the FLYING LEGENDS airshow at Duxford, England in July.  I am also doing a small oil of the same subject, and will advertise that work for sale as well.  After that, I'll get back on Eagles of Thunder, the P-47 piece.  Don't worry, I'm not losing interest in it, but with my trip to England and then the ASAA Forum, I've gotten ideas that I really needed to try out before picking up work on Eagles . . . again.
7/20/2002 . . . . Just a quick note to say I had a fantastic trip to England July 9-16th!  I'm now in the process of assembling my scrapbook from the approximately 25+ rolls of film I shot of Debden, Bassingbourn, Duxford and the countryside, and within a few weeks I'll publish several pages on this site devoted to the highlights.  Stay tuned . . .

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