Commission Information
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Wade Meyers Studios
Commission Information


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Commissioning an Original Canvas

 I currently offer the following types of commissioned aviation art:


OPTION #1 - FINE ART COMPOSITION:   Base price: $2000 for a standard 24" x 40" canvas on Masonite. The most expensive commissions due to their level of overall complexity and detail, these paintings depict aircraft in the air or on the ground with a "realistic" background which is considered a major part of the composition. These works consist of four main elements in calculating a final commission price: 1. Type and number of aircraft depicted; 2. The complexity and level of detail in the supporting background; 3. The level of research I must do personally to achieve accuracy in the work; 4. The size of the final canvas. I will discuss these elements below, and the factors which will involve adjustments to the base price. No two commissions will be the same, of course, and you and I will arrive at a customized final quote based on your particular requirements, but the guidelines below should help you get a pretty accurate idea of your final price.

1. Type and Number of Aircraft Depicted:

I use the Descriptive Geometry 3-point perspective technique to plot my aircraft outlines so that all aircraft will fit "properly" within the confines of the painting's visual perspective dimensions. The base price quoted above includes one or two featured "fighter-type" aircraft plus one or two secondary aircraft in the background. Prices will increase for the following reasons, typically:

a. More complex/detailed aircraft in the foreground; for example, a B-17G is more complex than a P-51D - four engines and a lot more detail overall.

b. More than two "foreground" aircraft, such as a close formation of three or more aircraft.

c. Multiple background aircraft, such as a distant bomber formation, involves more work, and thus a slight price adjustment.

As an example, my "One-Man Air Force" and Spirit of the Shogun" paintings featured on this site would require no "aircraft" adjustments to the base price as they do not exceed any of the base parameters I have laid out.

2. Complexity and Level of Detail of the Supporting Background:

The base price includes relatively simple realistic backgrounds, such as my "One-Man Air Force" and "Chico the Gunfighter" paintings. Price will go up for more complex background elements, such as more detailed landscapes, and/or the addition of buildings, vehicles, ground support equipment, people, etc.

3. Level of Research:

The only factor which will increase the price on the research end is if I am forced to take extraordinary steps to research a work, such as buying books or other reference material which I do not have. However, if it involves military aviation, I usually either already have the required materials or the client will let me borrow specific items to aid me in completing the work accurately.

4. Size of the Final Canvas:

I usually use archival glue to attach Fredrix Acrylic Primed "Portrait Smooth" Polyflax/Cotton medium weight canvas to 1/4" thick sheets of Masonite board. This gives me the pleasing natural grain of canvas with the support of the hard surface, allowing fine detail. As mentioned above, the Base Price is quoted with a typical size of 24" x 40" in mind. However, we are not limited to this "standard" size, and the final length to width relationship will be determined, to a large extent, by the positioning of the elements within the work to arrive at a pleasing composition. However, I don't like working on a canvas with any dimension (length or width) exceeding 44". Larger pieces get very heavy and clumsy to hang and transport.


OPTION #2 - "BOX ART" PAINTING:   Base Price: $1200. By far the most common type of commission, this is a way to showcase a favorite aircraft in your favorite markings scheme in an original fine art painting. The base price includes a single aircraft as seen from any angle on a standard 24" x 36" canvas with a very simple supporting background specifically designed to show off the aircraft(s), just like model companies do with their "box art". Good examples are the Tamiya and Hasegawa line of kits. Since all paintings in this series will feature very simple/muted color supporting backgrounds of my choosing, the base price will rise slightly only for depictions of more complex aircraft, and/or if two or more aircraft are featured.

Important Information:  Quantity discounts can be negotiated for orders of two or more paintings of either type placed simultaneously. At the moment, delivery time is approximately 20 weeks for Option #1 paintings, and 12 weeks for Option #2 works. These dates will flex upward or downward depending on my schedule and are finished on a first come, first served basis. 25% of the final price is due before the work is started, with a further 25% due upon approval of the final pencil study by the client.

The balance is due before shipment of the work. Prices are for unframed acrylic on Canvas-Masonite works only. If desired, I can work with my framer to have your painting custom framed in a nice complimentary frame and shipped after framing. In this case, the final sale price will be adjusted accordingly for the cost of the frame job.


Prices do not include Insured shipping. Paintings can be shipped directly to the person of your choice (for a gift), or to you personally.


Wade Meyers retains all rights, including copyright, of all original paintings and sketches, including custom commissioned works. The purchase price of commissioned artwork does not include reproduction rights.  By law, copyright does not transfer from the artist to another party unless specifically granted in writing.  No Wade Meyers artwork may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without my knowledge, permission and express written consent.

Reproduction rights, including purchase of copyright, for producing reproductions of artwork may be granted for an up-front sum, as agreed upon by both parties, in writing, prior to reproductions being produced or sold. 

As the scope of reproduction projects varies greatly, quotes for usage rights must be made on an individual basis. Please contact me for a customized quote if you desire pricing for reproduction rights for an existing or custom commissioned Wade Meyers original artwork.

All preliminary sketches, models, studies, perspective plots and other materials created by me in the process of completing a custom commissioned artwork are not included in the sale price of an artwork and remain the property of the artist.


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